Why Are You Still On The Internet?: A Studying Masterpost

So both of us still have midterms to tackle, and so do many of you. Even if you don’t, if you’re the kind of person who likes background music when hitting the books, we’re your people. We want you to concentrate and do the best you can, and since we can’t beat you over the heads with anthologies, we’ll give you music. Here is our contribution to your academic life. Enjoy.


it’s too quiet | a playlist of unnerving instrumentals

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requested by alittlethor

i. Naval // Yann Tiersen ii. Cage of Solitude // Midnight Syndicate iii. Tapestry of Decay // Nox Arcana iv. Petiatil Cx Htdui // Aphex Twin v. Rain // Marco Beltrami vi. What Do The Skies See? // Dario Marianelli vii. The Double // Clint Mansell viii. Forest Lullaby // Nox Arcana ix. The Eye Main Titles // Marco Beltrami x. Kesson Daslef // Aphex Twin xi. Dust to Dust // Chromatics xii. Illusion Confusion // Brian Tyler xiii. Swan Lake (Theme) // Tchaikovsky xiv. Courting the Night // Daniel Licht xv. Grisly Reminder // Midnight Syndicate xvi. The Tale of the Three Brothers // Alexandre Desplat


swing that thing [LISTEN]

A mix full of electro swing gems. Caution: your legs won’t stay still.

o1. free the robots - jazzhole | o2. cosmo sheldrake ft. andrea vargas - rich | o3. marian hill - lovit | o4. caro emerald -  that man (daytoner edit) | o5. waldeck - make my day | o6. fm einheit & gry - princess crocodile |  o7. parov stelar - booty swing | o8. little violet - don’t stop | o9. caravan palace - rock it for me | 10. tape five - bad boy good man | 11. spankox - you like torero | 12. mr. scruff - get a move on | 13. gramophonedzie - why don’t you | 14. swing republic - crazy in love | 15. goldfish - hold tight 


"What is that smell? Another new type of veggie? Amazing!”

(It was kale. :) )

Puella Magi Holy Quintet!


[[Literally the point where Gargoyles became my favourite show.]]

"I guess it’s true….Aryll really has been kidnapped…Hasn’t she?"