That show got taken off the air due to how dark and heavy its getting. Yeah ‘kid show’. D8 Not even the original Avatar was this dark.

i thought it was only airing on the website to be honest?? but even then when i tried to go and see the videos earlier they weren’t there so i had to go else where.

but god. i mean. both atla and lok deal with really heavy issues but this was just.

i legitimately had a hard time watching that last episode.


just binge watched LoK and


that last part hit way to close to home. god. i want to articulate my feelings better about it all but. ugh.


Welcome to the “TEX NEEDS TO GO TO THE DENTIST” sales post!

All prices include shipping within the US and paypal fees. I will only accept paypal for payments. Please send me an ask if you’re interested.

Medicom 2.0 Kyubey plush: $50
Sailor Moon Crystal Star Gashapon: $10
Light-up Soul Gems: $10 a piece, I’ll sell all 6 as a set for $55
Talking Kyubey Pen: $15
Heartcatch Heart Perfume with carrying pouch: $50


really unnecessary and degrading fanservice of your favorite characterimage

phantompierce said: I haven’t actually seen video game console’s prices go up, so it might just be less by that time (if it does drop).

anubituf answered: vitas tend to drop in price around the holidays or go on sale in a bundle!

Seems like my suspicions were right then. Though I will add that I intend to buy a vita from Japan because I’m a nitpick and would prefer a white/blue or white/green vita instead of just black. But thank you for the advice guys! I’ll try and sleep on it and see how things pan out.

For some reason I got the idea in my mind that TOH R had released without my knowledge, which made me flip out and I ended up going to amazon to try and find a vita and memory card. I think I found an alright deal but now that I double checked my sources and found out that Hearts R is still set to release in November idk if I should go through with getting them now or waiting till later… Especially because Sapphire and Ruby will be coming out roughly around the same time too.

Bluh. Is it possible that prices for the vita may go down by the time the games are released or would it be the opposite and inflate for the holidays?

worstshitinthesevenkingdoms asked: Glad to see you're back! That's awesome!

Thanks so much!! It’s great to be back - though I will admit I feel kinda rusty trying to keep up with the dash again, haha~